Skinny Elephant strives to be a creative and inviting place to make music.

Skinny Elephant Recording is a full service recording studio in Nashville, TN. Skinny Elephant features an API 1608 console, 32 channels of high quality AVID I/O, and a variety of top notch microphones and outboard gear. The studio is owned and operated by Dylan Alldredge.

My goal is to help you make amazing music on an independent budget. Frankly, I really love music and the process of making music.  I've always been drawn to recording in cozy environments.

I can help make your project be and sound exactly how you envisioned by: assisting in finding skilled musicians to match your vibe, track (a single, EP, or full-length album), produce, mix, and help connect you with the right mastering engineer.


Send an email to for more information, or send a note through the Contact Form.